Cookies Policy

The Aposta Tripla’s website contains cookies that are used to ensure features that enable a better browsing and usage experience and to provide personalized services on legally permitted terms.

Cookies: What are ?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device while visiting certain websites. Using this technology to access websites is a common practice and does not harm users’ devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Different browsers allow each user to refuse to use them, as well as delete those that have already been stored

Cookies allows you to understand how each website is being used by its users and thus facilitate their browsing in order to improve their experience of using that website and the services provided through it.

Why do we use cookies?

n the digital world, the use of cookies is widespread, playing an important role in the operation of various websites and in accessing different digital content, promoting a better user experience for their users.

For Aposta Tripla, the use of cookies is for the following purposes:

  • Optimize the user experience through anonymous analysis, making it simpler, faster, more interesting and dynamic;
  • Allow you to gauge the most relevant online digital content and advertisements for your browsing within the Site ;
  • Ensure correct information from users who are referred by our affiliate partners;
  • Ensure continuous improvement of our products and services.

Aposta Tripla does not use cookie technology, or the like, to record Internet browsing outside of your Site. In addition, no cookie-based commercial, marketing or information transmission actions are promoted.

Cookies Categories

The types of cookies used by the Aposta Tripla are as follows:

Session Cookies – temporary cookies that are deleted from your device when you close your browser window.

Persistent Cookies – cookies that remain on your device for a long time (cookie lifetime) and are used on the Site for user recognition upon your return.

Strictly Necessary Cookies – cookies that are essential in order to ensure your browsing on the Site, the correct use of its features and access to secure areas of the Site. Without use of these cookies, they may not be available

Performance Cookies – Cookies that collects information about your use of the Site, for example, access to more frequent pages and / or whether error messages are received. They do not collect information that identifies you, the information being completely anonymized and only used to improve the way the Site works.

Functional CookiesThese cookies allow the Site to remember personalized user options (eg username, language, etc.), providing more personalized and user-oriented features.

Strictly necessary, performance and functional cookies do not collect any information about you.

Targeting Cookies cookies used to deliver more user-oriented advertising according to your interests, limit the number of times it is viewed, help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and understand user behavior after viewing that campaign. These cookies are usually placed by third party websites with the permission of the Site, allowing you to remind them that you have already visited that Site.

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How to manage cookies

Today’s modern browsers let you view cookies on your device and erase them individually or in their entirety. For more information on how to manage your cookie preferences, visit the following websites.:

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Last revision: 30/10/2019